Marketing’s Move to Mobile in the Security Industry

The world has changed rapidly over the past five to ten years. No matter where you are or where you look, people are face deep in their smartphones and somewhat disconnected from the things around them. Good luck getting someone to look up, let alone see and digest your messaging on a city billboard. Even while driving, many people have one eye on the road and one eye on the phone. So what does this mean for marketing in the security industry?

With things evolving so quickly, it is vital for security marketers to allocate time to stay up to date. Trends change monthly in the field of digital marketing, and when it comes to mediums like social media, a trend can pass in a week. Not to mention the fact that most users now possess an attention span that is literally comparable to a gold fish, which is a big reason social media has taken over throughout the globe. You can scan through hundreds of opinions, images, videos, and news articles in a matter of seconds, while trying think of a clever quip to your friend’s latest update?

In response to this phenomenon, brands have taken to social networking platforms as a top location for ads. In fact, according to, advertisers spent a whopping 23.68 Billion (yes that’s Billion with a B) on social media ads last year and are projected to spend 35.98 Billion by the end of 2017. Consider those numbers along with the fact that “65% of time spent on social networks happens on mobile,”, and you have  a pretty clear idea of why you should be focusing there.

Even if you take social out of the equation, if your website, email campaigns, and content overall is not optimized for mobile viewing, your security brand is stuck in the past. Many are somewhat are of this, yet there are still so many security brands that have failed to make the crossover. If this is you, and you are reading this now, get started while there is still time to stay relevant. As the capabilities of our smartphones continue to grow, things will only move further and further away from the desktop.

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