In our office, we do all our work in pencil. Even with our 40 years of collective experience, we know the only way to grow is to be willing to learn. 

Below are our content marketing fundamentals. But more than anything, we are excited to grow with you—to think outside the box, to try new things and, together, discover endless possibilities.

Digital Marketing

Whether you’re looking for razor-sharp social posts, creative ads for lead-gen campaigns or snappy, eye-catching newsletters, we know just what your customer is looking for. We combine extensive industry research with our top-secret ingredient—teamwork—to establish your brand as both a thought leader and industry go-to.

Public Relations

When it comes to reaching potential customers, it isn’t just about who you know. Today, steering people to your brand requires curating your web presence and maximizing SEO. At Maize, navigating the ins and outs of the digital marketplace is our speciality. In our hands, your brand will balance trust, education and utility, in order to guarantee your product lands in the hands of the right people.


Behind every unforgettable marketing campaign is sharp, distinctive and compelling content. To create it, we become experts in your product, in order to generate everything from byline articles to social media copy.

Creative Advertising

In the world of creative advertising, we believe—in every case—less is more. Instead of bombarding your customers with all-too-familiar content, we design creative, original and memorable ads. Your customers won’t be able to get you off their mind.

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