Your ideas are packed with potential

Let’s unlock it together

What we do

Our strategy process begins with a full engagement into your brands overall vision, challenges and objectives. We then analyze the market landscape and the journey starts to take shape.  Process, Analysis, Data and Reach; all strategic elements to start a successful campaign.

Distilling technical concepts into captivating stories is what we do best. Whether it be a white paper, case study, blog, video or brand message, we create content that matters. Our fresh approach ensures your content is engaging while aligning with your key messages.

Driving awareness for your brand, executive team or solution is critical. Through our public relations program, we know how to strategically reach your customers. We ensure your voice and your content is before them to establish trust building that influences the bottom line.

Brands can have all the content and publicity in the world, but if there is no conversion, they will not succeed. Discover how we create a tangible ROI by promoting SEO-optimized content through digital strategies and platforms that result in qualified leads for your sales team.

Who we are

At Maize Marketing, we believe in the power of creativity. Founded in 2009, we are a boutique agency that specializes in business-to-business content marketing for clients in the security and technology industries. With our combined 40 years of experience in content writing, creative advertising, digital marketing and public relations—we shape our clients’ visions into unforgettable lead-generating campaigns.

Your ideas are packed with potential.
Let’s unlock it together.

Meet Our Clients


In our office, we do all our work in pencil. Even with our 40 years of collective experience, we know the only way to grow is to be willing to learn.
Below are our content marketing fundamentals. But more than anything, we are excited to grow with you—to think outside the box, to try new things and, together, discover endless possibilities.