Case Study

Seagate Technology

Behind every industry-leading surveillance camera is a hard drive, purpose-built for surveillance applications. In 2018, Seagate Technology—the leader in data storage solutions—looked to Maize Marketing to expand awareness of their brand in the security industry. To do so, Maize established partnerships with key security leaders, trade associations and media, in order to educate stakeholders on the value of Seagate’s SkyHawk solutions and position Seagate as a trusted storage provider.



Public Relations

29 Placements
11 Round Tables
7 Product Placements
5 Articles by Editors
5 Contributing Articles

Content Marketing

14 Blogs
7 Use Cases
2 White Papers
6 Infographics

Thought Leadership

3 Secured Speaking Engagements
3 SkyHawk Award Wins
1 Event Sponorships

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